Accessibility at The Mint Museum

The Mint Museum is committed to making the museum accessible for all visitors. Please note that our efforts to make our website, buildings, galleries, and programs more accessible are ongoing. If you encounter any accessibility concerns, please contact us (

Wheelchair access


Getting Here

• Visitor drop-off and pickup is permitted at Mint Museum Randolph’s main entrance and near Mint Museum Uptown’s elevator access on Levine Avenue of the Arts.

• Accessible parking spaces, including van spots, are available in the Mint Museum Uptown’s Levine Center for the Arts Parking Garage on Level P1 and P2. Four accessible parking spaces, including one van spot, are available at Mint Museum Randolph.

• Doorways to outdoor areas are equipped with automatic openers.

• Elevators are available to all floors.


• Manual wheelchairs are available free of charge and may be checked out at the front desk in both buildings. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Motorized wheelchairs are permitted.

Restrooms & Drinking Fountains

• Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on every floor of Mint Museum Uptown. Mint Museum Randolph restrooms are generally usable by persons with disabilities.

• Accessible drinking fountains can be found at the Mint Museum Uptown on every floor and at Mint Museum Randolph on Level 1.


• Spaces for wheelchairs are available in the James B. Duke Auditorium at Mint Museum Uptown and at the Van Every Theatre at Mint Museum Randolph.

Service Animals

• Service Animals are welcome in the Museum.

General Amenities

• Gallery stools are available at the front desk in both buildings.

• Single user/all gender restrooms are located on Level M at Mint Museum Uptown and Level 2 of Mint Museum Randolph.

• Social Narratives for Mint Museum Uptown and Mint Museum Randolph are available for families and visitors with developmental disabilities.

• Wellness Rooms are available at both museum locations. At Uptown, the wellness room can be found on level 4 to the right of the elevators. At Mint Museum Randolph, the room is located to the right of the front desk, across from the gift shop. Both rooms are equipped with chairs, a trashcan, and a mini fridge.

Services Available by Request

• S.P.A.R.K. Explorer Packs at each location can be checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. Packs contain everything visitors with autism and sensory needs might want to enhance their experience in the museum including: fidget keychains, wiggle seats, headphones, and weighted lap pads.

• Tours can be arranged for both adult and children’s groups with varied disabilities. An educator will work with you to customize a visit that best suits the needs of your group. Contact Tour Program Coordinator Molly Humphries at 704-337-2043 or via email at to arrange your group program.