Mint Museum Randolph | Apr 6 2013-Sep 13 2015

An exhibition showcasing objects by American glass companies to illustrate the variety of forms and styles that prevailed during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This exhibition has passed.

About The Exhibition

The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries represent a time of extraordinary growth for the American glass industry. Companies such as Boston & Sandwich Glass Company in Sandwich, Massachusetts; Steuben Glass Works in Corning, New York; and Libbey Glass Company in Toledo, Ohio began operation and soon developed notable reputations for producing fashionable wares that were coveted by many middle- and upper-class consumers. American Glass showcases objects by these and other American glass companies in order to illustrate the variety of forms and styles that prevailed during this period. Glass-manufacturing techniques will be another focus of the exhibition, with representative examples of pressed, cut, blown, and molded glass. Nearly all of the works on view are from The Mint Museum’s permanent collection of glass, which is second in size only to the ceramics collection in the museum’s Decorative Arts holdings.



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