Airing out the “Dirty” Laundry

Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry

On View at Mint Museum Uptown
Through November 29, 2020

Local visual artist Andrea Downs created the Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry installation to capture the spirit of women by creating opportunities for them share their stories in their own words. These stories of strength, unity, hope, injustice, and exclusion are joined together on a clothesline. A community art movement, the installation is ever growing, and women can participate by adding their stories to the collection. Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry is a call to gather, to listen and be heard—and to resist hate and injustice by fostering love and understanding.

Up-close of a woman with vertical lines spanning the canvas

Robert Lazzarini: the flowering

  Mint Museum Uptown | Nov 16 – Dec 30 2018

Robert Lazzarini, New York-based artist showcases paintings and sculptures inspired by the late actress Sharon Tate.

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Children sitting at a table using scissors and glue to make crafts.


  Mint Museum Randolph /   Mint Museum Uptown

The Mint Museum is proud to partner with the Arts & Science Council to inspire members and supporters to give back and support the Mint’s most important endeavors.

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Screen shot of the main page of google's "Art Project." On the left side is a map pointing to the location of the Mint Museum, while the right side has pictures of artwork in the Mint's collection.

Google Art Project

Offsite  |  Ongoing

The Google Cultural Institute has partnered with The Mint Museum to put some of our cultural treasures at the world’s fingertips.

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A classic horse drawn carriage that has been covered in an ink-like substance

Vote for Art

  Mint Museum Uptown  |  September 1 – November 9 2012

The Mint has collected fashion for more than 40 years, and celebrates the art form with three extraordinary exhibitions during 2017-2018

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Artist Motoi Yamamoto shaping salt into a circle

Artist in Residence Motoi Yamamoto

  Mint Museum Uptown  |  FEB 18 2013 – MAR 3 2013

Beginning Feb 18, 2013, Motoi will begin work on an ambitious Saltwork, entitled “Floating Garden,” directly on the floor of the Morrison Atrium at Mint Museum Uptown.

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A boombox with a cassette player in the front

The Boombox Project

  Mint Museum Uptown  |  September 19 – October 19 2014

In association with Chandra Johnson’s SOCO Gallery, The Mint Museum UPTOWN hosts a pop-up photography show in the museum’s Level 5 expansion space.

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A circular framed photograph of the 5th floor of Mint Museum Uptown. it is a part of the Music Factories moment mile project

The Light Factory’s Moment Mile

  Mint Museum Uptown  |  December 17 2014 – February 22 2015

In association with The Light Factory, Mint Museum UPTOWN hosts a pop-up photography show in the museum’s Level 5 expansion space.

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Photography equipment set up in the exhibition area to photograph garments.

Behind The Seams

  Mint Museum Randolph  |  September 7, 2014 – June 19, 2015

The Mint’s Fashion Assessment & Conservation Project

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