Chieko Murasugi
chapel hill, north carolina

Instagram: @cmurasugi






Chieko Murasugi. Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors) #19, 2019, acrylic, collage (including nori), and black Flashe on Arches paper. Courtesy of the artist.
Instagram: @cmurasugi

Roshambo #19
2019, Acrylic, collage (including nori), and Flashe on Arches Paper
Courtesy of the artist

Each work in the Janken series consists of both painted and collage elements. The white collage pieces reference samurai armors, artifacts, and weapons preserved in museum collections. These pieces are cut out from older works on paper that contain toned paper, organic pigments, inks, and nori. The painted forms in Janken are inspired by Bauhaus and Op Art, with their at origami- inspired colors, ambiguous and shifting geometric forms. These illusive shapes allude to the shifting, transient, and often unreliable processes of memory and history.