Kevin Cole
fairburn, georgia








Jacob’s Ladder: Do Lord Remember Me—for Mrs. Catlett
2017, Mixed media with wood
Courtesy of the artist

My Jacob’s Ladder series is inspired by that epiphanous moment when we all at some point recognize that the end of life may be closer than the beginning. In that moment, most men and women stop to contemplate whether the acts/the art that define who we are today will be remembered tomorrow once we are no longer here. Will the actions that have been part of a purely existential life be pleasing to Him whom we believe in (if we are believers)? Jacob’s Ladder: Do Lord Remember Me—for Mrs. Catlett, a tribute to Elizabeth Catlett, speaks to the ever-present reminders that we are defined by our own actions, and will be judged accordingly.

Spirit-like, the soaring piece is suspended in mid-air. Two nine-foot long wooden strips representing both a tie and a scarf are connected by five rung-like rods, rising to join with a curvilinear mass that could be interpreted as a cloud, head, or even an ark. Three rods that could be handles protrude horizontally from the mass at the top. Muted with drips of reddish-brown reminiscent of dried blood and green streaks seemingly representing life itself, the predominantly gold and yellow colors create a surreal glow.