Mint Museum Randolph /   Mint Museum Uptown
Oct 2015 – Oct 2016

The global scale and scope of our collections provides us with the unique ability to enrich the conversation about art and the human condition. The Mint Museum’s collections are the seamless intersection between art and design.

About The Project

Welcome to the Mint’s “year of the collection.” During the coming year, October 2015 through October 2016, the Mint is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the opening of Mint Museum Uptown on October 1, 2010, and the 80th anniversary of the opening of Mint Museum Randolph as the state’s first art museum on October 22, 1936. In celebration, the Mint is welcoming visitors to experience its “coveted colors” – works of art in its permanent collection that can put you in the “lapis of luxury” and offer you a “golden opportunity.” Visit the museum and experience our ‘full spectrum” of inspiration!

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