Craft in the Laboratory: The Science of Making Things

Mint Museum Uptown
Opens February 12, 2022

Craft in the Laboratory: The Science of Making Things will be the first project in the Southeast to examine how craft artists and designers apply scientific and mathematical concepts in creating work and reveal parallel approaches to problem-solving among these makers and professionals in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The acronym STEAM, which inserts art among the four other fields, emphasizes how they all intersect and reflects educators’ and arts professionals’ assertion of their equal importance in K-12 and college education. Craft in the Lab will build off STEAM-related programs created by the museum’s department of Learning & Engagement to explore this intersection in depth.

Craft in the Lab is the theme of the first reinstallation since 2010 of the Mint Museum’s permanent collection galleries of craft and design, which are organized by medium. It will be drawn entirely from the Mint’s collection of craft and design, which abounds with examples of artists thinking like scientists and engineers, and will include Project Ten Ten Ten. For example, Kate Malone’s Project Ten Ten Ten commission, Mr. & Mrs. Tutti Atomic, reflects her knowledge of the chemistry of clay bodies and glazes. Technical aspects of materials and processes will be conveyed through textual labels as well as videos.

Craft in the Lab will be accompanied by a catalog published by Dan Giles, Ltd.

ThresholdA Dark TaleJute SquareRainbow ChairPike BaskingMr. and Mrs. Tutti Atomic