Deighton Abrams
seneca, south carolina

Instagram: @deightoncceramics








2019, Single fired stoneware, glaze, wood,
insulation foam, paint
Courtesy of the artist

Climate change’s existential threat is one that has become so pronounced that every aspect of our daily consumption can be analyzed and traced to larger destructive forces. My work explores the empathic connections between humans, the creative process, and the physical landscape, investigating the phenomenon of psychological distress associated with consumption and climate change.

This work references the 1818 Caspar David Friedrich Romantic era painting of (approximately) the same name. The original work features a lone human introspectively looking out over an expanse of jagged peaks and mist and we assume they will move along shortly after, back to the comforts of civilization. This sculpture, however, features a lone iteration of an otherwise inanimate mountain form perched atop a base whose legs allude to a forward momentum: a wandering peak. This gives agency and anthropomorphizes the mountain form, perhaps giving us pause when we think of these otherwise massive forms as stoic and uninterruptable; the very makeup of the ceramic work the result of rocks crushed, reformed, and fired to a new shape, moved far from its original source.