Digital Membership Cards

We are excited to offer our members Digital Membership Cards, an eco-friendly, convenient way to access the museum and your benefits. An alternative to traditional paper cards, when downloaded onto your phone, Digital Membership Cards offer you the convenience of never forgetting your card again.

Once downloaded, your membership card will automatically update when you have renewed, plus it provides quick access to contact information, our website, benefits, and helpful reminders.

If you prefer a printed card, please email Thesha Woodley, Associate Director of Visitor Experience & Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital membership cards?

Digital Membership Cards are downloaded onto your smartphones ‘wallet’ for convenient access. They are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards, cutting back on print time, and getting you the access you want seamlessly.


When will I receive my digital membership card?

Once you have purchased your membership in-person, online, or through the mail, you can expect an email to be sent to your email address with instructions to download and access your card. Please allow up to 7 business days for memberships to be processed.


How do I add it to my smartphone?

Android users

First, download Wallet Passes from Google Play store. When the app is installed, return to the membership email with your smartphone and click “download.” Your digital membership card will automatically save to your Wallet Passes app. You can then access it anytime from the Wallet Passes app.

iPhone users

First, open the email from your smartphone and click the “Download” button. Then click “Add to Wallet” and “Add.” The card will then save in your iPhone’s Apple Wallet and can be accessed there at any time.


How do I update my information on my membership card if it is incorrect?

Please contact our Membership Department at 704-337-2011 or our Guest Services Team at 704-337-2000.


I have two members listed on my card, how can the second member receive their digital card?

For the second member to receive their digital membership card please follow the directions below for Android and iPhone users.


Android users should navigate to the other side of the card by clicking the small icon on the bottom right of the card. After selecting “Share Pass,” you can select the email or mail option to share your pass


iPhone users can share the card via text message if sending to another iPhone.


Will my digital membership card update when I renew each year or if I change my information?

Yes, your card will automatically update each year when you renew, or if you update your information.


Will I still receive all the same benefits?

Yes, your benefits have not changed and you can see your benefits listed on the back of your card!


I have downloaded my card, but I cannot find it!

For iPhone users it will automatically download to your Apple Wallet. Scroll through the Apple Wallet for recently added cards.

For Android users you will have to download Wallet Passes from the Google Pay Store before downloading your Digital Membership Card.


I don’t have a mobile phone and prefer a physical card, what can I do?

Please email Thesha Woodly and a card can be mailed to you.


I have a question about my membership benefits.

Please contact our Membership Department at 704-337-2011.


My name is spelled wrong/membership level is incorrect.

Please contact our Membership Department at 704-337-2011.