Eleanor Annand
Penland, North Carolina

Instagram: @eleanorannand








2019, Die-cut and laser cut cardboard forms and paint
Courtesy of the artist

I rely on the premise that my artwork has the ability to evoke a visceral and direct response from my viewer. In my work, I bring a sensitivity to materials, form, and composition to incite emotions that appeal to innate proclivities for order and rhythm. Seeking both tension and balance, I utilize intuitive and analytical processes that push and pull off of one another.
My current body of work plays with disruption, entropy, light, and shadow. Embracing a lack of permanence, I’ve been working primarily with cardboard and recycled paper scraps to create modular units that can be arranged in a myriad of ways. Compose, decompose, compose, decompose, is a cycle in my process that mimics cycles of life and which I am exploring further in the impermanence of my materials.

Time is unyielding. It is beauty and heartbreak simultaneously.