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About The Artist

Irisol Gonzalez is a fine artist and muralist living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. She immigrated from Costa Rica with her family at age 10. Having earned degrees in psychology and political science from Appalachian State University, she uses that background to pose moral questions through the symbolism in her art. She has traveled to Mexico and Central America to study Latin American culture and its roots in the Hispanic identity that currently exists in the United States. In her work, she explores the sentiments and physical experience of being a brown female immigrant functioning in today’s American political atmosphere.

Gonzalez has exhibited her work at CAM Raleigh and Goodyear Arts. She was an Inaugural ASC Emerging Creator Fellowship Recipient in 2020 and completed a Fellowship with the League of Creative Interventionists in 2021.

More about the installation from the artist

This exhibition is about uncovering the Meso-American influence on our machismo culture today — the values we have kept without ever questioning why.
Jade is used in Indigenous cultures in Meso-America to depict deities or items of value. It felt like the perfect medium to highlight my journey back in time. I wanted to highlight what we continue to bring forward and how that looks today.
This exploration led me back thousands of years to find different behaviors, traditions, and ideas taught in the Aztec and Mayan cultures that we’ve held onto for so long. I discovered not only a critical understanding of my background and heritage, but a compassion for how we all perceive things.
For example, Cycle of Pain examines the psychological reasoning of withstanding pain and why we endure it the way we do. While it’s based on my heritage, it goes across the board in a way we can all understand.

Irisol Gonzalez’s installation for Interventions can be found in the “Art of the Ancient Americas” collection on the second floor of Mint Museum Randolph

Lavarse Las Manos 2020, acrylic on linen. On loan from artist.

• Quinceañera #1 & #2 2021, acrylic on linen.

• A Woman’s Cycle 2021, acrylic on linen. On loan from the artist.

• A Cycle of Pain 2021, acrylic on linen. On loan from the artist.

Adorning Value 2021, Resin. On loan from the artist.

Machismo #9 2021, acrylic on wood. On loan from the artist.

Machismo #10 2021, acrylic on wood. On loan from the artist.

Burial axe n.d., jadeite, On loan from the artist

Interventions is a new series at the Mint in which contemporary works are placed amongst permanent collection installations to create a critical dialogue between past and present.