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It Takes a Village is a celebration of the vibrant, grassroots art happening throughout Charlotte. For this exhibition The Mint Museum is collaborating with three of Charlotte’s innovative art collectives: BlkMrktCltBrand the Moth, and Goodyear Arts. The works of art in the exhibition are done by more than 25 collective members and recognizes local artistic talent across a broad cross section of demographics—economic, racial, ethnic, age, and education.

About Goodyear Arts

Goodyear Arts is an artist-led, nonprofit residency and events program, focused on excellent local visual, performing, and literary artists. We provide artists with access to underused spaces in the city because artists need time, space, money, and community. Starting in an old Goodyear tire store in uptown Charlotte before relocating to an abandoned comedy/night club on College Street, Goodyear Arts and the Goodyear Arts Collective currently make their artistic home at Camp North End.

Andrea Vail, Herringbone Shag (evergreen and sassafrass). Image by Brandon Scott
Courtesy of Todd Stewart

Since 2015, the artist-led nonprofit Goodyear Arts has broadened the Charlotte community’s access to artistic practices by supporting artists, curators, and organizers in an inclusive setting that celebrates taking risks. The Goodyear Arts Collective of local artists is a deliberate, living manifestation of these efforts. We’re separate from but supported by Goodyear Arts—its bylaws guarantee our diverse collective an ongoing voice in decision making, and its long-term plans include a commitment to the collective through continued free use of studio, rehearsal, projection, performance, gallery, and communal space, plus innumerable intangible benefits. In return, we support Goodyear Arts from floor to ceiling—from taking turns with chores to actively mentoring new artists-in-residence.

Blaine Hurdle, Snake Necklace. Courtesy of Artist.
Holly Keogh, FinePoint. Courtesy of artist.

Forty-plus alumni local artists-in-residence, along with Goodyear Arts leadership, make up our collective, which grows after each year’s round of residencies. We’re visual, literary, and performing artists working in every medium: poetry, fiction, theater, movement, dance, performance art, sound, music, and in hybrid forms. We support each other and collaborate within and outside of the collective, often across disciplines. We affirm, challenge, and push each other to enhance our mediums. The Goodyear Arts Collective is a tight-knit community that shares the common goals of producing thought provoking exhibitions, engaging performances, and interactive events. Collective artists have shared, published, and exhibited our work nationally and internationally hundreds of times. And Goodyear Arts has presented innovative artistic programming for the Charlotte and regional community.

-Goodyear Arts

For more information visit www.goodyeararts.com/collective or @goodyeararts

Goodyear Arts artists included in It Takes A Village

Amy Bagwell

Amy Bagwell is a poet and mixed media artist. Her poems have recently published in Beloit Poetry Journal, New Ohio Review, Free State Review, High Shelf Press, and storySouth. Recent public art projects include two commissioned text-based murals installed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. A co-founder of Charlotte’s Wall Poems and Goodyear Arts, she teaches English at Central Piedmont Community College.

Instagram: @emotiontapes

Renee Cloud

Renee Cloud is a Charlotte native who received her bachelor’s degree in studio art from Appalachian State University in 2015. Using a combination of text art and mixed media, she creates work that focuses on the personal narrative, the black experience, and the power of the written word. The text she incorporates into her pieces provides only a fraction of the narrative, leaving the viewer to create the rest. Cloud resides in Charlotte and is currently serving as the gallery coordinator for Central Piedmont Community College.

Instagram: @nathanknowsbetter

de’Angelo Dia

de’Angelo Dia is a poet, theologian, and doctoral candidate at Union Presbyterian Seminary. Dia investigates public opinion and contemporary beliefs on cultural, social-political, and theological issues through poetry, visual art, and performance. He has studied art in Athens, Greece, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Nairobi, Kenya. He received a bachelor’s degree in applied communication and sociology from Appalachian State University, a master’s degree in literature from UNC Charlotte, and a Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary. His artistic influences include photographer Martha Cooper, ethno-gothic literature, comic books and graphic novels, and neo-Appalachian art. Dia is an alumni artist-in-residence of the McColl Center for Art + Innovation, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture (Artist Roundtable), and a Cave Canem Fellow, as well as a featured artist in the Mint’s Constellation CLT exhibition series.

Instagram: @1518dia

Amy Herman

Amy Herman received her master’s in photography from Columbia College Chicago, and her bachelor’s in fine art from Michigan State University. Her photographs have been shown on the international level and are included in the permanent collections of the Kiyosota Museum of Photography and The Museum of Fine Arts Houston. She teaches photography at Central Piedmont Community College and co-directs Goodyear Arts.

Instagram: @amy.n.herman

Lee Herrera

Lee Herrera focuses in figurative illustration, applying different techniques such as ink stippling and cross hatching/sketching using a ballpoint pen and mostly recycled materials.

Instagram: @hopefulee

Blaine Hurdle

Blaine Hurdle is a full-time artist from Charlotte. The son of a jeweler, Hurdle developed a passion for adornment and jewelry making techniques. Hurdle knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist working with jewelry, and so he studied stone setting at the New Approach School for Jewelry in Franklin, Tennessee. Hurdle honed his skills through a 10-year career at Diamonds Direct in Charlotte. After this intensive study, Hurdle left the commercial jewelry business to pursue his artistic practice full-time. Hurdle was featured in the 2019 Jewelry and Metal Survey, and has created pieces for professional athletes including players for the Carolina Panthers and the NBA. He has been awarded multiple grants from the Arts and Science Council and exhibited throughout the East Coast.

Instagram: @needlesandpinsjewelry

Holly Keogh

Holly Keogh’s studies include a year at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2012 where she concentrated on painting before graduating from the UNC Charlotte with her bachelor’s in fine art. After graduation, she became an original member of the Goodyear Artist Collective where she had the inaugural artist residency. She is currently represented by SOCO Gallery in North Carolina and has exhibited with various galleries in the Southeast. In 2019, she was selected to participate in the Pienkow Artist Residency in Chelm, Poland where she was the recipient of the People’s Choice Award. Keogh was recently an artist-in-resident at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation in Charlotte.

Instagram: @hckeogh

Debora Koo

Debora Koo is a Charlotte-based oil painter. She was born in Seoul, Korea and spent most of her life in Andover, Massachusetts. Her interest in art began during her years at Smith College and she continued her studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul where she received her master’s degree in fine arts. She is an art professor at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Her oil paintings encompass a wide range of subject matters and styles. She is influenced by what she sees in everyday life, including the mundane, media, human desire, motivation, apathy and helplessness are just some of the interconnected reasons to paint. The banality of the images depicted, sometimes in bright, saturated colors and other times faded and pale, become surrogate self-portraits, memories, and hopeful futures.

Instagram: @deb_koo

Seirin Nagano

Seirin Nagano is a mixed-media artist originally from Tokyo, Japan. After training as an oil painter in Japan, she moved to the United States where she earned her master’s in fine art in an interdisciplinary art program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She currently lives and works in Charlotte and teaches Japanese in the department of languages and culture studies at UNC Charlotte.

Instagram: @seirinnagano

HNin Nie

HNin Nie is a multidisciplinary artist based in Charlotte. Nie received her associates degree in fine arts from Central Piedmont Community College, and currently focuses on paintings, sculptures, and videography. Illustration is an influence in Nie’s work by her use of images and text to visually portray a story. Through her own lens as an Asian woman in America, Nie dissects the feminine experience by layering vibrant imagery over unsettling narratives.

Instagram: @hninstagram

Elisa Sanchez

Elisa Sanchez is an illustrator living and working in Charlotte. She draws with ink and fire on a variety of surfaces. Her body of work treads the line between print and fine art illustration, both in style and concept.

Instagram: @elissandraa

Katrina Sánchez Standfield

Katrina Sánchez Standfield is an interdisciplinary textile artist born in the Republic of Panama who currently lives and works in Charlotte. With an interest in texture, color, and touch Katrina is inspired by both the history of textiles and its intrinsic connection to humanity. She creates work that explores social experiences and are often viewer interactive. She received her bachelor’s degree in fibers from UNC Charlotte.

Instagram: @fiberess

Matthew Steele

Matthew Steele is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Charlotte. Often utilizing the aesthetic of function and industry, Steele draws parallels between the man-made and human technologies of the self. With a bachelor’s degree in fine art in sculpture from Indiana University, Steele came to Charlotte in 2012 for a McColl Center for Art + Innovation artist residency. Steele has exhibited his work at Locust Projects (Miami), The Sculpture Center (Cleveland), The Mint Museum, Hodges Taylor, and UNC Charlotte. He has completed numerous commissions and site-specific projects that range from small interior works to large exterior sculptures. He has work in collections nationally and internationally, including AXA, Art in Embassies, Marriott, and Beacon Partners.

Instagram: @mtsteele

Todd Stewart

Todd Stewart received his master’s in visual art from Clemson University in 2011 and his bachelor’s in sculpture from Winthrop University in 2006. His background and love of public art began as a student and grew as he held positions as lead fabricator and studio manager for several North and South Carolina artists. He continues to exhibit work and participate in artist run spaces, most notably Goodyear Arts. He has accomplished both permanent and temporary public installations for locations throughout the Southeast as an artist and as the Arts and Science Council’s vice president of public art.

Grace Stott

Grace Stott is a graduate of Tufts University, with additional educational experience at CalArts. She is a studio artist focused on experimenting with the application of narrative to surface. Her work includes an investigation in mixed media painting and ceramic techniques. In conjunction with her studio.

Instagram: @stott_pots

Andrea Vail

Andrea Vail investigates contemporary American society and its objects, specifically home goods deemed stylistically obsolete, or unattractive by the standards of 21st-century mainstream culture. Hinged on textile traditions and techniques, her practice materializes as tapestry, woven sculpture, and collaborative exchange. Vail’s nationally exhibited work has received awards from the Arts and Science Council; North Carolina Arts Council; HappeningsCLT Visual Artist Grant; CultureWORKS; and residencies with Goodyear Arts, McColl Center for Art + Innovation, and Elsewhere Museum. She has a master’s in fine arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a bacherlor’s in fine art from UNC Charlotte. Vail lives and works in Western North Carolina. Her collaborative projects include: Bridging, a large-scale fabric installation at Central Piedmont Community College that is patterned with student- and staff-sourced imagery; Signalling Hello at Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro; Woven Community a city-wide event in Richmond, Virginia; and Gathering Clouds at Anderson Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

Instagram: @andreaevail

Liliya Zalevskaya

Liliya Zalevskaya is a visual artist born in Kiev, Ukraine. As a young teenager, her family immigrated to America. Her move continues to inform her interest in how social structures are perceived versus how they are experienced by the individuals living within them. In essence, the work is the artifact of play, through which she interrogates the roles as a maker, actor, director, and editor in the construction of a fantasy that questions reality. She received a bachelor’s of fine art in printmaking from the UNC Charlotte and a master’s in digital media from UNC Greensboro. She currently teaches printmaking and digital photography at Gaston College in Dallas, North Carolina.

Instagram: @liliyazalevskaya

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