Katie St. Clair
davidson, north carolina

Website: katiestclair.art


This year’s Young Affiliates of the Mint juried show features three prizes. Katie St. Clair of Davidson, NC. won the $5,000 Young Affiliates of the Mint Choice Award.

We encourage the public to visit the exhibition and vote for the $1,000 people’s choice award. Voting will be open through December 31.





2019, Natural debris, trash, pigment and ice on canvas
Courtesy of the artist
My time-based installations use material I have collected from the roadside, drainage ditches, land between buildings, and other marginal places in the local landscape. I depend on experiences in these places to fuel me in all their concrete specificity: earth, water, stones, rot, worms, mushrooms, new growth, and their human counterpart: cigarette butts, broken glass, cracked cement.


The installation is a set of spheres made of locally collected refuse and natural pigment that is held together by ice. The full frozen spheres are hung above a canvas and melt over time. As the spheres melt jagged objects come to the surface, some balance and others fall onto the wet canvas. Eventually the water and pigment settle into large pools on the canvas that evaporate over time, leaving an inky crust of marks that result in a painting.


The installation exposes all the different stages of transformation in the painting process that viewers don’t normally see in a gallery. As opposed to my painting practice, the melting of the spheres is a natural act of painting without an artist’s hand. There is immediacy to these built structures that have an expiration. A moment in time that holds those leaves, trash and that water before they move. There is a smell in the gallery of spring, of wet pavement and roadside material that lingers in the air.