Kristi Ryba
Charleston, SC

Instagram: @kristiryba




Massacre of the Innocents, after Giotto
2018, Egg tempera and 22k gold leaf on panel
On loan from the artist

Enchanted and intrigued with Medieval and Renaissance altarpieces and manuscripts, I used their iconography in earlier work depicting my family. After the 2016 election I began combining current news, commentary and especially “tweets” and quotes, with the religious and political content of these historical images from early Western European royalty and religion. All the gold, elaborate surroundings and messages of morality and ethics corresponded with what was happening in our government; the gutting of our social safety net and health care, eliminating environmental protections, the lack of restraint in spending money on personal enrichment and pleasure and the build-up of military spending and deficit in international diplomacy to name a few. I use 22k gold leaf and egg tempera on wooden panels and sometimes animal skin (vellum), attempting to replicate the look and feel of Medieval and Renaissance imagery.
Massacre of the Innocents is my response to our former Attorney General’s imprisonment of immigrant children at the Mexico/US border and is still relevant to what is happening to this day.


Chapel of Perpetual Adoration II
2018 Egg tempera and 22k gold leaf on panel and
mixed media
On loan from the artist

These images are a continuation of an earlier installation of 10 paintings and mixed media based on the actions of the current President of the United States.