NC Pottery Collection

Here we hope to shine a light on the rich & enduring tradition of pottery-making in North Carolina, as well as to offer highlights of the Mint’s own collection, the most comprehensive in the country. Learn More

Charles Seliger “kid-alogue” Microsite

This engaging microsite serves as an interactive digital exhibition catalogue, following the success of the Mint’s 2012 internationally-traveling exhibition devoted to Charles Seliger. Learn More

The Mesoamerican Ballgame

Discover Mesoamerica’s cultural history, visit archaeological sites and learn more about the world’s first team sport. Winner of the Best of the Web Award 2002 and the Gold Muse Award. Learn more

Crafting North Carolina

Investigate North Carolina’s history and craft tradition. Students can explore natural resources, geography, cultures and traditions through the collections of The Mint Museum. Learn More

NexGen Mint

An inspiring social mashup experiment built just for the NexGen Mint teens. Join the conversation. Learn More