Personal Visitor Photography (non-commercial use)

  • Still photography with a hand-held camera or cell phone is permitted and encouraged for personal, noncommercial use of works of art on display at The Mint Museum, unless otherwise specifically indicated.
  • Portrait or Bridal photography is not permitted without written permission.
  • Photography of works in the Student Artist Galleries is permitted and encouraged.
  • Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.
  • The use of flash photography, tripods, selfie sticks, and video cameras are prohibited. Bulky items, tripods, sticks, or other equipment will have to be left with the front desk.

Professional or Commercial Photography (defined as any use outside of personal)

  • All photography of a non-personal nature (i.e. editorial, commercial, advertisement – including portrait photographers) is prohibited without the permission of The Mint Museum.
  • Inquiries for commercial and professional photography of The Mint Museum should be made by filling out the Photography and Filming Application at least one month in advance.  Approval for commercial and professional photography will be made on a case by case basis.  Fees may be charged for use of facilities and staff time.

The Mint Museum reserves the right to deny permission to photograph or film on its premises. 
Unauthorized reproduction is an infringement of the United States copyright law.

Media Requests

Media should contact the Director of Marketing and Communications at 704.337.2009.