FULL – The Ceramics Series – Delhom Service League: Curator’s Tour of the “Michael Sherrill Retrospective” exhibition, with Annie Carlano

Join Annie Carlano, Senior Curator of Craft, Design and Fashion at the Mint Museum, for a special tour of the “Michael Sherrill Retrospective” exhibition. Working with clay, glass, and metal – in delicately rendered sculptures – Michael Sherrill seeks to elicit a sense of wonder from viewers, and to make them see things fresh. https://mintmuseum.org/michael-sherrill-retrospective-2/

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Beginning January 16 any open spaces may be filled with non-DSL members. Registration is free. Register by calling or emailing Susan Kooiman 704-293-3921, wckooiman@aol.com.

Annie Carlano is the Senior Curator of Craft, Design and Fashion at the Mint Museum. Annie earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and a master’s degree in art history from Università Degli Studi in Florence, Italy. Carlano is an internationally known scholar who has published and lectured on a wide variety of topics related to fine art and craft. Her recent books include Sleeping Around: The Bed from Antiquity to Now and Contemporary British Studio Ceramics: The Grainer Collection.