Join the Crown Society

The Mint Museum is a leading, innovative museum of international art and design committed to engaging and inspiring all members of our global community. In pursuit of this mission, the museum has launched the Crown Society, an annual giving circle encompassing museum patrons contributing at leadership levels of $1,200 or more towards the Mint Annual Fund. This Society serves as one of the preeminent forces behind the museum’s newly revitalized vision to become one of the most relevant and revered art museums in the country.

Crown Society gathering in the atrium of Mint Museum Randolph

Membership Benefits

Crown Society patrons receive a membership to the museum as a benefit of their gift, in addition to many opportunities for deeper engagement with art, artists, touring exhibitions, and the Mint’s collections through a diverse schedule of events.


Each level includes the benefits of all preceding level.


Donation of $1,200 – $2,499
$150 is non-tax deductible

  • A 1-year museum membership, which allows access at both locations for unlimited family members and guests accompanying Crown Society member.  Guest passes and parking passes are also available upon request.
  • Invitations to all VIP exhibition preview celebrations and programs
  • $100 discount per ticket to The Mint Museum Spring Gala: Coveted Couture
  • 20% Discount at the Mint Museum Stores
  • Recognition on donor panels, and in the annual report

Donation of $2,500 – $4,999
$150 is non-tax deductible

  • All benefits of the Silver Circle
  • Access for two to the VIP opening day at New York’s Armory Show, September 2022

Donation of $5,000 – $7,499
$250 is non-tax deductible

  • All benefits of the Gold Circle
  • Invitations to the Crown Society Jewel Series, which includes special visits to private homes to view collections, and talks with visiting curators, gallery owners, and art industry professionals

Donation of $7,500 – $9,999
$250 is non-tax deductible

  • All benefits of the Platinum Circle
  • Priority invitation to all travel opportunities with the Mint, including International travel

Donation of $10,000 – $24,999
$450 is non-tax deductible

  • All benefits of the Platinum Plus Circle
  • Invitation to the Diamond Circle Dinner with Mint President & CEO

Donation of $25,000+
$450 is non-tax deductible

  • All benefits of the Diamond Circle
  • Exhibition sponsorship recognition for John Leslie Breck: American Impressionist, or Craft in the Lab: The Science of Making Things
  • Complimentary copy of each Mint Museum-produced publication

For questions or additional information, please contact Kitty Hall at 704.337.2034 or via email.

The Crown Society Travel Program: Art Adventures in Style


The Crown Society Travel Program offers our most generous and loyal Crown members domestic and international art-infused experiences that delight, enrich, and inspire even the most experienced traveler. Lead by Mint curators, President and CEO Todd A. Herman, PhD, and specialist guides, every trip through the Crown Society Travel Program elevates and enriches your connection to the creative world.

The Crown Society Supports


Dynamic Learning and Engagement Programs

The museum aims to act as thought leaders in learning to promote visual literacy, lifelong love of art and design, and the 21st century skills demanded in the new creative economy. The Mint Annual Fund ensures that students and teachers alike have the opportunity to engage with art and accomplish these goals.

Essential Community Outreach

At the heart of The Mint Museum’s work is the pursuit of achieving community-wide relevance through creating accessibility to art that provides transformative experiences for diverse audiences. The Mint Annual Fund will help support mission-critical outreach initiatives.

Top-Tier Personnel

The Mint Annual Fund ensures that the museum can commit resources to provide the long-term sustainability that enables the museum to deliver unparalleled excellence. This support allows The Mint Museum to maintain effective, efficient, and stakeholder-driven service to our community.

Renowned Exhibitions

The Mint Annual Fund provides the funds needed to deliver exceptional collections and exhibitions of innovative works of art and design. This support is critical to the museum’s ability to utilize new and creative approaches to collecting and exhibiting art and design.

Innovative Research And Scholarship

The Mint Annual Fund provides key funding for a variety of important research initiatives that are critical to the museum’s relevance and excellence. These initiatives advance scholarship in the field, as well as knowledge about the museum’s assets, programs, library, and museum archives.



Bill and Robin Branstrom

Laura and Mike Grace

Mozelle DePass Griffith

Milton and Marshelette Prime

Mary Anne (M.A.) Rogers

Leigh-ann and Martin Sprock

Ann and Michael Tarwater

Curtis and Rocky Trenkelbach


Mr. and Mrs. Weston M. Andress

Mary and Walter Beaver

Kelle and Len Botkin

Betsy and Alfred Brand

Sarah G. Cooper

Hillary and W. Fairfax Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. John Julian Culbertson

Susan and David Dooley

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Faison

Ted Garner

Beverly and Jim Hance

Lucy and Hooper Hardison

Lauren A. Harkey

Chandra and Jimmie Johnson

Ashley and Scott Mattei

Mr. and Mrs. Neill G. McBryde

Mr. and Mrs. William B. McGuire, Jr.

Posey and Mark Mealy

Amy and Matt Moore

María-José Mage and Frank Müller

Celene and Marc Oken

Beth and Drew Quartapella

Patricia A. Rodgers

Allison and Richard Roeder

Betsy Rosen and Liam Stokes

Trey Sheridan

Pope and Peggy Shuford

Kati and Chris Small

Maureen Stockton

Carolyn and Bryan Taylor

Cheryl A. Palmer and Frank Tucker

Betsy Fleming and Ed Weisiger, Jr.

Charlotte and John Wickham


Jennifer and Alex Bauer

Mary Anne Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Funderburg

Lise and Travis Hain

Beverly and Mark Ladley

Stephanie S. Lynch

Susan and Loy McKeithen

Jo Ann and Joddy Peer

Sallie Scarborough

Bobbie and Thad Sharrett

Carol J. Smith

Edith and Landon Wyatt

Joan H. Zimmerman


Natalie and Hugh Allen


Sarah and Tim Belk

John and Kim Belk

Allen Blevins and Armando Aispuro

Jan and Ed Brown

Ansley and John Calhoun

John and Ginny Collett

Mrs. Jane Conlan

Jay Everette and Brian Speas

Deidre and Clay Grubb

Sean and Jacqueline Jones

Jill and Mark Kelly

toni and Alfred Kendrick

Kathryn and Luke Kissam

Nancy and John Maloney

Francie and John Mangan

Andy Mermans and Robin Perrigo-Mermans

Jill and John Miller

Patricia R. Morton

Anne and Clark Neilson

Shannon and Karl Newlin

Dany and Chip Nisbet

Mary and Dick Payne

Amy and Joe Pitt

George and Linda Foard Roberts

Manuel Rodriguez

Sara Garcés Roselli and Daniel J. Roselli

Parker and Stephen Shuford

Liz and Dave Shuford

Emily and Zach Smith

Melinda and David Snyder

Lorie M. Spratley

Betsy and Brian Wilder

Pat and Bill Williamson

Rose and Davis Wittig


Howard P. Adams and Carol B. McPhee

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Babb, Jr.

Jacob John and Alicia Barnes

Bill and Georgia Belk

Mary and Charles Bowman

Angela and Ralph Breeden

David and Teresa Carroll

E. Colby and Lynne W. Cathey

Monica M. Gali and Armando L. Chardiet

Mrs. Robin Cochran

Amanda and Shaw Cornelson

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cureton, Jr.

Douglas W. Davis

Caroline and Jed Dyson

Lisa and Carlos Evans

Linda and Bill Farthing

Valerie and Larry Goldsmith Jr.

Katherine G. Hall

Andrew and Joanna Haynes

Todd A. Herman, PhD and Harry Gerard

Amy and John Hines

Deborah and Todd Hines

Beth and Bill Hobbs

Carolyn and John Hudson

Dr. Diane D. Jacobsen

Caci and Max Jaeger

Marcie and Marty Kelso

Virginia M. Kemp

Mr. Andrew S. King and Mr. Kelly S. King

Knight Angels

Barbara L. Laughlin

Merrill Barringer Light

Aaron and Marie Ligon

Vince Long and Cameron Furr

Will Manning

Susan and Alex McAlister

Lindsay and Stanton McCullough

Richard I. McHenry and Cynthia L. Caldwell

Hunter and Jamie McLawhorn

Mary and Jerald Melberg

Mary and Rich Miller

Vicky and Bill Mitchener

Dr. Kim Nixon

Maria and Jeff Owen

Rose and Bailey Patrick, Jr.

Anne and Scott Perper

Paula and Chris Pink

Mr. and Mrs. Walker L. Poole

Edwin Rasberry

Stefanie Reed

Ruth and Trevor Runberg

The Schwartz Family

Sid Sekhar

Jane and Carl Showalter

Mattye and Marc Silverman

Tiffany and Scott Smith

Christina and Casey M. Smith

Margaret and John Switzer

Meredith and Jim Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Timmerman

Patti Tracey and Chris Hudson

Nelia and Michael Verano

Rad and Odie Von Werssowetz

Frances and DuBose Williamson


Melissa and John Anton

Hon. John S. Arrowood

Harriet Barnhardt

Sara Baysinger and Jerry Lee

Mary Celeste Beall

Mrs. Katherine Belk-Cook

Debbie and Gary Blankemeyer

Megan Blankemeyer List and Kevin List

Betsy and Bill Blue

Amy and Philip Blumenthal

Dr. Larry Brady and Mr. Roman Matso

Leah and David Brady

J. Frank and Kathy Bragg

Lauren and Peiffer Brandt

Mr. and Mrs. William Britton Jr.

Kathie and Terry Broderick

Cantey and Jeff Brown

Hilary Burt and Peter Bove

Pamela L. Roberts and Robert P. Caldwell

Mary-Irving Campbell

Derick and Sallie Close

Melissa Cornwell and Brad Christmann

DeeDee and Ed Dalrymple

Gwin Barnwell Dalton

Caroline and Ben Dellinger

Nelia and Will Dolan

Anne Howard Dooley and Coleman Wright

Leigh Dyer

Andres and Sidney Logan Echevarria

Dr. Jen Sudul Edwards and Mr. Gavin Edwards

Kathy and Tom Ewing

Liz and Lane Faison

Blair and Rip Farris

Christa and Bob Faut

Whitney and Mitchell Feld

Sandy and George Fisher

Sarah and Will Fisher

Toni Freeman

Libba and Mike Gaither

Lisa and Ted Gardner

Diane and Marc Grainer

D. Oscar and Heide Groomes

Spencer Guthery

Larry and Heather Gwaltney

Kathy and John Hairston

Susan M. Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Watts Hamrick, III

Jonte Harrell

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Harris III

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Harrison

Ken and Sara Haynes

Claudia and Andy Heath

Anne J. Henderson

Liz Hilliard

Lynn and Charley Hodges

Barbara Holt

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Houser

Chip and Victoria Howell

Lanier and Doug Hoy

Coley and Ted Hull

Maria and John Huson

Mr. and Mrs. James E. S. Hynes

Paige and Curtis Jones

Dr. Marie-Claire Marroum-Kardous and Mr. Kal Kardous

Joan Kirschner

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Landau

Lorne E. Lassiter and Gary P. Ferraro, PhD

Liz and Haynes Lea

Janet M. LeClair and John C. Bragg, Jr.

Dr. A. Davis Ligon, Jr.

Drs. Siu Challons-Lipton and Jordan Lipton

Nan and Bill Loftin

Mary and Bob Long

Roger and Deborah Lovelett

Moses and Lori Collins Luski

Melodie McAbee

Karen and JP McBryde

Samantha and Mark McCall

Anna and John McCoy

Kaitlyn McElwee

Tom and Sally McElwee

Dee Dee McKay

Nadia Meredith

Sally Mitchener

Arrington and Burch Mixon

Kimberly and Geoffrey Mize

Amy Montague

David K. Linnan and Cynthia Lee Moreno

Stephanie and Sam Muhs

Janet and Lowell Nelson

Jennifer and Artie Newcombe

Marian M. Nisbet

Patty and Tommy Norman

Stephanie Novosel

Marc and William Ozburn

Joseph and Amanda Piligian

Larry and Dale Polsky

Aly and Tom Priedman

Holly and Lewis Quinn

Reece Mealy Rahilly and Ian Rahilly

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Rankin

Deborah Halliday and Gary Rautenstrauch

Patsy M. Reames

Amorette Reid

Michael A. Rodriguez

Tiernan and Whitaker Rose

Paula and Dalt Ruffin

William L. and Jane O. Salter

Tommy and Jan Shealy

June Silver

Dowd and Webb Simpson

Wayne Smith and Indun Patrick

Cindy Smith

Mrs. John A. Stewman III

Pam and Harding Stowe

Ann and Wellford Tabor

Rebecca and Ruffin Tanner

John A. Thompson and Lee R. Rocamora

Kristy and Bill Thompson

Kathylee and Ken Thompson

Ben and Sandi Thorman

Melissa and Paul Tolmie

Judith and Gary Toman

Toshkova Fine Art Advisory

Margaret and Chris Ullrich

Sally S. Van Allen

Carolyn and Matt Vanderberg

Patricia Cox Viser

Jennifer and Alexander Waugh

Joyce Weaver

Donald G. Wenzel, Jr.

Dorothea Fairweather West

Richard “Stick” and Teresa Williams

Thesha Woodley

Dana and Joe Woody