Really, though: What should we do when artists we love behave badly?

Michael Jackson, Pablo Picasso, Bill Cosby—artists and public figures often find themselves under scrutiny for unsavory decisions they make in their private lives. And where does that leave the fans? In the midst of cancel culture and the #MeToo movement, reconciling (or separating) the artist and their art is a hotly contested topic. If you missed our Feb. 26 panel discussion, “Angels to Anathema: What to Do When Artists Behave Badly,” in collaboration with the Sphere Series, catch the whole conversation here.   Panelists included Charlotte-based interdisciplinary artist John W. Love Jr. (a former Guggenheim fellow) and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Emily Nussbaum, a television critic for The New Yorker and author of I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution. The Mint Museum’s Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Art Jen Sudul-Edwards, PhD, moderated.